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All about Heat Exchangers

Dear Customers,
From the moment of establishment, Elyon Industry has been trying harder and harder to provide more efficient, more useful and more convenient services for customers.
The smallest possible MOQ, the flexible lead-time and the efficient products line from wire, bar/rod, strip, coil, sheet/plate and tube are good examples.
As a continuous step, we are pleased to announce that we have just started a specific supply package of raw materials for Heat Exchangers as below. Now, you can get all the necessary materials for hext exchangers from one place, Elyon Industry Here.
-Carbon & Alloy Steel Tube
-Stainless Steel Tube
-Copper & Copper Alloy Tube (Copper Nickel, Admiral Brass, Al-Brass, Brass, etc)
-Fin Tube
-U Bending Tube
-L.W.C (Level Wound Coil) Tube
-Profile Tube (Square, Flat, etc)
Tube Sheet (Baffle Sheet)
-Copper Alloy (Naval Brass, Copper Nickel, Al-Bronze, Brass, etc)
-Stainless & Duplex
-Alloy Steel
Fin Coil
-Copper & Copper Alloy (Brass)
We really hope that the newly arranged supply system of raw materials for heat exchangers can be quite useful and helpful to customers like other previous & current services..
Keeping in mind that Service is not a moto, but an Action!!!
Thank you
Elyon Industry Co LTD