Available Grade & Applications

Size : 0.08mm-25.00mm
Hardness : Soft, 1/8H,1/4H, 1/2H,3/4H, FH

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Grade EN No. Chemical Composition Characteristics and Application
202 14371 18Cr-5Ni-8Mn-N Low Nickel, 302 Replacement, Kitchenware
CS204CU 17Cr-2Ni-2Cu-N Low Nickel, 304 Replacement
202M 17Cr-7Ni-7Mn-N Super hardness, Non-Magnetic, Shaft
302 14301 18Cr-8Ni-0.1C High Tensile strength, Spring, Constructional use
303 14305 18Cr-8Ni-0.2S Good free-cutting ability. Automatic lathe, Pin
303Cu 18Cr-8Ni-2.5Cu Improved free cutting and cold heading quality, Shafts Usage
303F 18Cr-8Ni-0.3S Better free cutting quality than 303
304 14301 18Cr-8Ni Most various usage. General purpose, Kitchenware
304L 14306 18Cr-9Ni-LowC Extreme low carbon steel. High anti-corrosion
304HC 18Cr-8Ni-2.5Cu Cu addition into 304. Super cold Heading, Bolt, Nut, Nail
304J3 18Cr-8Ni-2Cu Netural properties between 304 and XM-7, Bolts and Nuts Usage
CS304CU 17Cr-8Ni-3.5Cu Lower Nickel than XM-7, for Cold Heading, Bolt, Net
305 14303 18Cr-13Ni-0.1C Low work hardening. Cold heading quality
309S 18330 22Cr-12Ni High anti-corrosive and heat-resistant for high temperature uae
310S 14845 25Cr-20Ni Oxidation resistance. Heat-resistant conveyor belts
314 25Cr-20Ni-2Si Enhanced hardness. Heat-resistant conveyor belts
316 14401 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo More corrosion-resisting than 304. Anti-rust purpose
316L 14404 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo-LowC Extreme low carbon 316. High anti-corrosion
316F 18Cr-12Ni-2.0Mo-0.1S Enhanced free cutting quality by adding sulpur into 316
316LF 18Cr-12Ni-2.0Mo-0.1S-LowC 18Cr-12Ni-2.0Mo-0.1S-LowC
316Ti 14571 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo-Ti Improved intergranular corrosion resisting by adding titanium into 316
321 14541 18Cr-9Ni-Ti Ti addition. High temperature purpose
XM-7 14567 18Cr-9Ni-3.5Cu Cu addition into 304. Enhanced cold heading quality


Grade EN No. Chemical Composition Characteristics and Application
430 14016 18Cr Good anti-corrosion. Bolts, Nuts, Scrubber
434 14112 18Cr-1Mo Improved grade. Better anti-corrosion than 430
434A 18Cr-1Cu Improved grade. High qaulity scrubber
446 25Cr Enhanced anti-corrosion ability, electrical appliances


Grade EN No. Chemical Composition Characteristics and Application
410 14006 13Cr High machinability. Fasteners
416 14005 13Cr-HighC Better free cutting fot automatic lathe
420J2 14028 13Cr-0.3C Excellent hardness. Machine shafts, Electric shafts
420F 13Cr-HighC Improved grade. Better machinability than 420J2
440c 14125 18Cr-1Cu Highest hardness among Heat-resistant stainless steel, fot nozzel, bearing